Bird Activities for Kids


Stock up on bird seed and grab a pair of binoculars!  Whether you live in the country or in the city, you can have fun learning about  wildlife in your own backyard. Here are some bird watching activities and ideas to get you started.

1. Make Your Own Bird Feeder. You can make your own bird feeder using a pine cone that has been covered in peanut butter (or any other kind of nut butter) and rolled in bird seed. Hang it from a branch with some yarn and watch the birds fly in to feast!

2. Make observations in your front yard. Take notes and listen to the different bird calls. Certain birds like certain foods. Try feeding with different foods and see which birds eat the different foods. What kind of birds do small seeds attract? What kind of birds and do peanuts attract?

3. Create a bird collage. For an art project, draw or photograph the different birds you see, then make a collage using the different pictures.

bird masks

4. Make a bird mask. Create a bird mask. Check out this link for instructions and templates to make your own bird masks:

5. Design a Paper Airplane Bird. Fold a paper airplane and color it to look like a bird of your choice, for example and eagle, parrot, or raven. Experiment by cutting your birds into different shapes. Give some birds shorter wings, give some longer beaks. Then test out your bird’s flying abilities and see which bird flies the farthest, spins, ect.

6. Build a Birdhouse. There are many templates online and instructions on how to make your very own birdhouse to put in your backyard.  Here are some instructions on building a bird house from scratch.  For an easier option, you can purchase a birdhouse kit online and put the pieces together yourself.   Click here for a birdhouse kit you can buy on Amazon.Com 

7. Go on a Bird Watching Walk. Take a walk around your neighborhood, and observe the birds in your area.

8. Visit your local Parks. You can get a great look at many animals, including your local bird species. Use a bird book to identify the different bird species, like this one you can buy on, National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.
See if you can recognize the different birds by the sound they make. Take notes of the birds in their natural habitat.

flower pot bird baths

9. Make a Bird Bath. Use a plant pots to make your own bird bath. Click here for instructions on how to make a bird bath with flower pots.

10. Plant a Tree so the birds will have a place to hang out!

11. Get involved in documenting the birds you see in your area.  Take part in the Great Backyard Bird Count for Kids by following this link!

You can find many more bird watching activities  for kids on the web.  Check out a looong list of bird watching activities on TLC’s website –> TLC’s Bird Watching Activities for Kids

Have a bird watching activity you want to share? Email me with your suggestions: or leave a comment below!

Music Activities for Kids


Here are a list of awesome and free, kid-friendly music activities on the web!

 Music Activities for Kids

Music Activities for Smartboard - The title explains itself, a site with lots of Smartboard music activities to use in the classroom

TLC Music for Kids

ChildrensMusic.Org  – A non-profit music resource for parents, teachers, and kids!

Lyrical Legacy - Explore eighteen American songs and poems from the digital collections of the Library of Congress.  Thought I would throw this cool historical music activity in too.

Rhythm and Drum Activities for Kids

Easy Rhythm Activities  A tutorial for teaching children about rhythm – Kids Rhythm Activities  Tons of rhythm activities for little ones

Music Related Crafts

First School Music Crafts Music themed crafts, geared towards preschoolers

DLTK Kids Music Page Music activities, including music related crafts and printables

Holiday Music Activities

Rain Deer Orchestra - Play music on some rain deers’ noses, a cute Holiday activity!

Halloween Music Activities for Kids 

Halloween Music Activities - Tons of fun Halloween-themed music activities

Halloween Music activities for the Elementary Classroom - More spooky music activities for kids!

Walk on the Witch - A fun Halloween version of musical chairs

Virtual Pianos and Synthesizers

How fun would it be to play these virtual keyboards on a Smart Board or other touch screen?

Google MoogGoogle Moog, a synthesizer that you can play and record on. Click on the image or click here here to open a new window and play.

Virtual Piano 1  A fun virtual piano that you can play and create rhythms on

Virtual Piano 2 another virtual piano for you to play


Virtual Drumkit  Play the drums using the keys on your computer’s keyboard.

Web Drum Machine  Another cool web application where you can play a drum machine online. This would be awesome for teaching kids about rhythm.


Those should keep you busy for a while! Have fun and stay warm!

Lion Puppet Craft


With the arrival of March, I thought I would post this cute lion craft for preschoolers, with printable lion face and lion mane templates. The Inspiration for this craft came from the children’s book, Dandelion by Don Freeman, a book about a lion who nobody recognizes.

For this craft you will be using brown and yellow construction paper to make a lion puppet that is perfect for preschoolers.


Lion Craft

For this craft you will need:

Lion Face Template


1. Download the Lion Face Template.

2. Print the Lion Face Template on yellow construction paper. Each page has two lion faces on it so you will only need half as many copies of the  Lion Face Template.  See thumbnails to the right –>

3. Cut the paper down the middle so there is one lion face on each half and one for each student.
Lion Mane Template

4. Download and print the Lion Mane Template onto light brown construction paper. See thumbnail –>

5. Cut out the mane piece and snip carefully around the edge, towards the middle,  to create the look of fur.

6. Cut out the lion face and glue the face onto the mane.

7. Finally, tape a straw onto the back side to complete the lion puppet!

Music Videos for Preschoolers


Play these music videos on the Smart board!  If you open each song in a different tab ahead of time, it is easy to transition from one song to the next.

Good Morning by Greg and Steve

Belly Breathe with Colbie Caillat and Elmo

The Ladybug Song by Frank Ledo


Shapes Song A nice, relaxing song about shapes!


Big Numbers SongRelaxing music and counting to 1 trillion!

Down By The Bay 


Firetruck Song by Ivan Ulz – Kids love this song about firefighters, especially when you choreograph some movements to go along with the music.


ABC Rock by Greg and Steve – For this one, I give kids turns with a pointer so they can point to the letters as they sing along.


More Greg and Steve Music Videos




Going on a Bear Hunt

Torn Paper Portraits


For these torn paper portraits you will create a unique piece of artwork by tearing construction paper and assembling it to look like a face.

torn paper portrait girl

torn paper portrait boy

You will need:

  • glue sticks
  • assorted colors of scrap construction paper
  • skin colored construction paper
  • black construction paper


Start by tearing some skin colored construction paper into an oval to create the shape of a face. Tear some construction paper into a rectangle for the neck and glue it onto the back of the face. Glue the neck and the face onto a piece of black construction paper.

Tear scrap construction paper into a rectangle for the shirt and glue it into place.  Use scrap paper to make the eyes, hair, nose, mouth, and any accessories that you want to add.

Construction Paper Collages


For these pretty paper collages you can reuse leftover scrap paper to make a beautiful picture. Shapes are glued onto black construction paper and the background is colored with crayons.

colorado collage

flower and rainbow collage


  • glue bottles
  • glue sticks
  • scissors
  • construction paper
  • sequins
  • hole punchers
  • crayons
  • plastic buttons
  • google eyes


I had a bunch of extra die cuts lying around so I used them to make the construction paper collage shown in the picture above. I also added some plastic buttons and google eyes to my craft. If you don’t have die cut shapes then just cut shapes out of scrap paper. You can even use a fun hole punch and sequins to decorate the collage. Check your local art store for more ideas!

Magazine Collage


Create art with magazine clippings for this easy paper project.  You can cut out shapes ahead of time or as you go along.  By reusing old magazines you are helping the environment by creating less waste.  This would be a great craft to make while teaching kids about ways to recycle, reduce, and reuse!

magazine collage


  •  Old Magazines
  • Construction paper
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors


1.  Cut shapes and pictures that interest you out of old magazines and arrange them on a piece of construction paper. Add the largest images first.

2.  Add smaller pieces to cover rough edges and fill in the empty spots.

3. Try and cover up all of the construction paper with magazine images.  The more images you use, the more intricate your collage will be!

Pokey Pin Sight Words


For this activity kids create sight words by poking push pins through paper.  You can hang them on a window so that light shines through them for a cool effect.  This is a great way to make learning new vocabulary words fun!

pokey pin sight words


  • Push pins
  • Black construction paper, cut into 3X5 inch rectangles
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Vocabulary words printed on white card stock and laminated (laminating optional), cut into 3X5 inch rectangles


Tape each black construction paper rectangle to a piece of card stock with a sight word printed on it.

Place the sight word card on a carpet, words facing up.

Working on the carpet, students take a push pin and carefully poke along the letters, making sure to push all the way through the black construction paper.  By working on the carpet, the push pins will easily penetrate the card stock and the construction paper.

Remove the pokey pin words from the card stock by cutting though the tape on the sides.

Tape the pokey pin words to a window so that words are visible when light shines through the holes.

Here are some fancy push pins I found on Amazon that would be fun for this project:

This craft was inspired by Cindy Bergeron!


Piano for Preschool



Printable song sheets with colored rectangles to place on your piano. Ages 3+ can read the song sheets and play along. You will need a piano or keyboard, clear tape, and a colored printer for this activity.


Download Piano for Preschool (piano-for-preschool.pdf)

3. Follow the directions in the booklet and attach the colored rectangles to a piano
or keyboard.

4. Use the colored rectangles as a guide to play the songs on the piano.

 Eight Children Songs are Included:

1.Hot Cross Buns

2.This Old Man

3.C Major Scale

4.The Wheels on The Bus

5.Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

6.The Alphabet Song

7.The Cleanup Song

8.Mary Had a Little Lamb


Piano for Preschool is available for download on See the link in the sidebar or:

Download Piano for Preschool from

Space Shuttle Craft


For this craft, you can make your own space shuttle and a fun outer space scene out of construction paper!


  • Black and yellow construction paper
  • Additional construction paper and scraps of various colors
  • Glue Sticks


1. Assemble the space ship, using various shapes of construction paper.

2. Decorate the background by cutting out planets and stars and gluing onto the black construction paper (space stickers would also work well for this part.)

3. Glue the space ship onto the background.


Space shuttle craft image


Note: You can prepare different shapes ahead of time that kids can use to “build” their space shuttle.

Add space stickers for a fun twist!